A modern homeopathic repertory by Massimo Mangialavori,
A remedy SUGGESTOR based on clinical experience,
with new and revised categories, continually updated.

This PROJECT envisioned more than a decade ago, was realized through the generous and invaluable contributions of Fiorella Cerami, Federico del Conte and Riccardo Tomassini.


  • Born from the repertory additions collected from the Massimo Mangialavori database, edited verbatim by more than 10,000 patients in more that 35 years of study and clinical experience.
  • Developed as a full repertory
  • Organized according to a precise clinical coherence
  • Updated with modern medical language
  • Permanently updated with many homeopathic symptoms and original categories
  • Condensed into definite homeopathic symptoms
  • Constantly reviewed by the author’s clinical experience

Suggesta is a well-organized, fully developed, comprehensive repertory.

Suggesta loosely follows the structure of Kent’s classic repertory. The repertory is mostly divided by body area, with symptoms organized by functions (organ functions if appropriate), pains, and sensations.

Suggesta was created in part to address the critical problem of an excess of data, much of which was inaccurate. For the prescriber, this situation has been both overwhelming and obfuscating. The voluminous additions that came with time have been carefully reassessed with reference to the author’s extensive clinical experience. Remedies for which the listed symptom is not important or usual have been deleted.

Suggesta contains Massimo Mangialavori’s extensive repertory additions, drawn from verbatim patient statements based on over 10,000 patients and over 35 years of clinical work. Every addition is based on symptoms common to several cured cases of at least 4 years’ duration. In each case, the remedy has produced a long-lasting positive response in chronic, systemic conditions while also being effective in treating acute symptoms.

Symptoms will be continually and regularly updated based on the author’s review of his cured cases and ongoing clinical experience.

Rubrics have been revised and renamed, using current language and modern medical terminology. Equivalent symptoms are condensed into appropriate rubrics.

Suggesta aims to serve as a repertory of essential features. For a remedy to be listed within a rubric, that symptom must represent a notable aspect of that remedy’s system, function, profile, personality. It is not meant to replace the classic repertories, but to complement them, and to make the repertory more usable, easier to study, and more accurate for prescribing.

Suggesta is a computer-based repertory available through Opus (Zeus) and SHS (Synergy).

Presentation of Suggesta in English